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    Album: B.G. A O.G O.G Intro
    4.Slangin Niggaz In Trouble
    5.Too Hot
    6.Get Yo Shine On
    7.Playin & Laughin
    8.So Much Death
    9.Cash Money is a Army
    10.What You Wanna Do
    11.Around My Way
    12.Hard Times
    13.Cash Money Roll
    14.I Wish a nigga would
    16.Uptown My Home
    17.True Story
    18.Hot Girl
    19.Bling Bling
    20.They Know
    21.My Chopper
    22.Order 20 Keys
    23.B.G. to O.G
    24.I'm a G
    25.Clean Up Man
    26.I Aint No Bitch
    27.Don't Talk To Me
    28.Yeah Nigga Yeah
    29.Paid My Dues
    30.Im Straight
    31.Top Back
    32.Make Em Mad
    33.Whats Happenin
    34.Its On
    35.I Want it
    36.Where Dey At
    37.For a minute
    38.Keep It 100
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